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Crab Boats… One (1), Three (3), or Six-Eight (6-8) person boats with electric motors

  • Single Kayak $50
  • Tandem Kayak $90

2 – 3 people with electric motor @ $150 for 4 hours.

Fishing-Cat for Fishing with Electric Motor $250

Click Here for the next high tide launch  

We Rent Crab Traps for Crabbing while you are fishing

Three (3) Traps, Bait Bag, Float, and Line to rent @ $50/3 traps, One (1) Crab gauge, One (1) Crab Bucket

Rent a Kayak, Boat, Fishing-Cat, and our Crab & Salmon Fishing Package and take home Chinook Salmon and Dungeness Crabs.  The following steps are:

  1. Drop your three (3) Crab Traps, go fishing for an hour, then pull your traps
  2. Drop your three (3) Crab Traps  again, go fishing for another hour, then pull your traps
  3. Drop your three (3) Crab Traps for the last time, go fishing for an hour, and go home with CRABS & SALMON !!!!!!!!!

Crabbing Package

  • Three (3) door-style crab traps, bait bag, float, and line
  • One (1) Crab gauge
  • One  (1) 5-gallon bucket

Oregon Shellfish Licenses 

  • State Resident = $10
  • Three (3) Days out of State = $19

You may want to have a pair of gloves to protect your fingers.  These prevent jellyfish stings from tentacles wrapped around your rope, along with alleviating some of the pain that comes with handling crabs.

Available at: Ace Hardware (South) – 4910 SE Hwy 101, 541-996-2131

Salmon Fishing Package


  • Bi-Mart — 1030 SE Oar Ave • 541-614-1020

Include paddles,  life jackets for all, an invasive species permit, and parking for vehicles

Please Make a Reservation or Call 541-765-2109

We Must have a High Tide to Launch.  We Only Rent and Launch when we have High Tide.  Otherwise, we may be Closed

For the Best Kayak Experience Please Call 541-765-2109 or   Click to Make Reservations

 We MAY NOT have any units if you just walk up.

There is no cost or obligation to Make a Reservation

       Click to Make Reservations

Customer Service Hours …. noon – 10 pm …. Everyday … 541-765-2109 

Launch Site Hours ….. 82 Siletz Hwy

  • Lincoln City, OR   97267
  • 541-765-2109


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