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Free Crab Fest 2021 …. Sat Jun 5 & Sun Jun 6, 2021

One hundred and eighty (180) people will have the opportunity to learn how to catch, clean, cook, and eat Crab for only the price of bait.

Every thing else is Free.

  • No License requested
  • Instructions on Oregon Crab Rules
  • Direction to two (2) locations used by local Crabbers … Lincoln City and Depoe Bay
  • Free Trap, bucket, and Crab gauge furnished for three (3) hours .. You have to catch the Crab
  • Free Crab Pot, Water and instructions furnished to clean & cook Crab
  • All for price of raw chicken for bait. Crab eat two (2) drumsticks/hour/trap

On Oregon’s Free License Weekends, (June 5 & 6) you don’t need a license to fish, crab or clam anywhere in Oregon. That’s no license, no tag, no endorsement needed. Normally, the cost for a Oregon residence is $10 for a shellfish (Crab) license.

Free Crab Fest 2021

  • Crab location can be made at the time the reservation.   CLICK HERE  to make reservation
  • The location will change depending on the size of the group and the weather.
  • Crab License …The State of Oregon has waved the license fee
  • Crab Bait not provided … we recommend you use raw chicken for bait, seals do not like chicken, but Crab do.
  • Crab Traps to be picked-up, or dropped-off between 7 AM – 6 PM with reservations. The reservation staff is available to ask questions from noon – 9 PM.@ 541-765-2109
  • Free Crab Trap set of a Crab Trap, a bucket, and a crab gauge  Reservations are No Deposit or Obligation On-Line at CLICK HERE   Reservations processed after 9 PM.  If you make a reservation for today, make the on-line reservation, then call 541-765-2109 to ensure your reservation is processed today.
  • Final location will be given after your reservation has been received.
  • Hand Sanitizer is available.
  • No bathroom facilities available at the Pick-Up/Launch Location
  • All activities completed outdoors with masks and social distancing

Oct 12, 2020 (year to date) we helped people catch, clean, and cook, more 521 Crab for Dinner.

There will be thirty (30) people per session, three (3) sessions per day for two (2) days.

Four (4) Volunteers and one hundred and eighty (180) participates needed for Free Crab Fest Crab Sets on Sat Jun 5 &6, 2021.  No license is needed because these are free license days.   Volunteer must commit to three (3) sessions per day, 7:30 AM-4:30 PM.  The participants stay in their vehicle, and volunteers bring a Free Crab Set to their vehicle. 

Crabbing is outdoors with social distancing.  This procedure processed more than 1000 Crab in 2020 with no virus problems.

 Due to the limited number of Crab Sets, reservations required for Volunteers and Participations …  CLICK HERE or      

The Crab Fest 2020 is on!

Our mission is to teach a person how to catch, clean, and cook Crab, rather than give them a Crab……

Each participant will receive a Free Crab Trapper Set consisting of One (1) Crab Trapper Traps with line + (1) Bait Bag + (1) Bucket + (1) Crab Gauge, instructions, and locations.  All Crab caught will be cleaned and cooked for free.

How to have a Sustainable High Protein Food Supply from the Ocean

One hundred and eighty people (180) people can have free Dungeness Crab for the Thanksgiving weekend, Sat Nov 28 & Sun Nov 29 in Lincoln City, or Depoe Bay, and you do not need a dock or boat. 

What’s the catch?  You have to catch the Crab. Our organization will furnish a Free Crab Set – consisting of one (1) Crab Trap, bucket, crab gauge, location, and instructions – for up to three hours.   

How can we do this for just anyone? We are committed to teaching people how to thrive regardless of what happens around them, and the State of Oregon is waving the Crab License Fees on those days.

Each participant makes a refundable deposit for the Crab Set and provides their bait.  The bait can be any meat, but raw chicken works best.   There is a limit of one Crab Set/deposit.  (The deposit ensures we get our Crab sets back, and there is no charge unless the Crab Set not returned.)  The deposit may be a credit card, debit card, or cash.

 If desired, we will teach you how to clean and cook the Crab in Lincoln City Only. No limit to the number we clean and cook.

 Due to the limited number of Crab Sets, reservations required for Volunteers and Participations …  CLICK HERE or      

Cooking hours – 8am – Dark (by Reservation Only)

  • Cooking Location 82 Siletz Highway
  • Lincoln City, OR   97267
  • 541-765-2109

Call 541-765-2109 … email…. CLICK HERE or for more details.


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