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Crab Traps for Sale or Rent…. Newport … Depoe Bay … Lincoln City

Quick Pull …. Crab Trapper

Quick Pull …. Crab Trapper

Crap Traps for Sale …

$40/each … Basic Trap Set = Trap Bucket +Crab Gauge … 3 Basic Traps+(1) bucket (1)gauge = $100

$50/each … Crab Trapper Set Sets = Crab Trapper Traps + Crab Snares +Bait Bag +Bucket +Crab Gauge ,,, 3 Traps+(1) bucket (1)gauge = $125

Try (rent) before you Buy

Rent a Combination of Basic and/ Crab Trapper Traps … 3 Traps for 24 hours + Bucket + Crab Gauge = $40

Crab Snares

A snare is basically a trap that tangles up the crab in such a way to prevent escape. The loops of monofilament are attached to our Basic Crab Trap. There are 4 loops connected to the trap. When the crab goes in and tries to feed on the bait, its long, lanky legs get tangled within the loops. The loops are able to decrease in size similar to a noose and this is the essential trapping mechanism the snares employ and increase the number of Crabs caught with a single trap


Bait & Bait Bags

Any bait will works. A lot of people use chicken. Fish guts are a good one. Things that are natural to crabs seem to do better. This includes using fish carcasses, squid, clams and the like. Using these natural baits also have a downside in that seals seem to love them as much as the crab the Crabs. Trapper Traps uses a bait bag to keep the seals at bay. It will also help to keep the crab on your bait longer.

Crab Trapper Bait Bag

If a crab pulls off a nice piece of your bait, more than likely it’ll crawl off and eat it. So something to stop them from tearing off chunks will improve your odds when using the Crab Trapper.

Bait Bag in action in Siletz Bay

The bait bag is the key. For starters, this eliminates tying bait to the bottom of the trap, which never seemed to work very well anyway. This is especially nice if you are dealing with some rancid bait like fish parts. Just toss them in and clip it shut.

Bait bags prevent the crabs from completely devouring the bait all at once. They are open enough to allow for little bites here and there to keep the crabs happy but closed enough to keep your bait working all day long. It is more effective to stand the bait bags upright, as this maximizes floor space.


The minimum size for Dungeness crab is 5 ¾ inches. Size is measured in a straight line across the back immediately in front of, but NOT including the widest points; therefore, a crab gauge is important.

How to Measure a Crab

Crabs may be taken using crab rings, pots or baited line (limited to 3 rings, pots or lines per licenses) by hand; dip net; or rake. Pots may be left overnight.

Bays, estuaries, beaches, tide pools, piers, and jetties are open all year. The ocean is closed for Dungeness crab October 16 through November 30.

No more than 1 daily catch limit per day may be taken per person. No more than 2 daily catch limits per person may be in possession.

Office Personnel Available …. noon – 9 pm … Everyday … 541-765-2109 

  • Main Office – Depoe Bay, OR 97341

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