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To Become Financially Free you have to obey the second “Golden Rule”

“He Who Has the Gold Makes the Rules.”


You may not like this rule, but it controls the world.

Watch what happens to societies when there are no “gold” (in the form of jobs, social security, SSI, food stamps, unemployment insurance, etc.)

We use the term “gold” instead of the word “assets,” but they’re the same. We are not talking about physical gold but “assets.” Watch the county, Venezuela, as the oil revenue “gold” decreases.

To become financially free, you need three (3) parts:

  1. Product (a product that a niche market wants, and at a price, they will pay)
  2. People (who will build, market, and distribute the product)
  3. Process (where and how do you get the product made, marketed, and revenue collected)

We believe we have defined a product for the niche market of renting small fishing and crabbing boats. We are now looking for people to purchase the boats and develop the process.

The process is simple. The boat rents for $100 for 4 hours.

The person who purchased the boat gets 60% of the rental price. Motors not included. That will be a separate niche market.

The person who launches the boat gets 20%. If the person also owns the boat and they launch it, they get 80%

The Sustainable living center gets 20% providing the docks, property taxes, insurance, advertising, and general overhead.

What does the Sustainable Living Center do to help you become financially free?

Option One (1) … Renters … acquire assets

The Center gives a “reduced housing rent option” to encourage the Renter to acquire the money to invest in the assets. BY paying “low rent,”; there is no labor requirement, and they are not “selling their time.”

The center will take all the risks to demonstrate that a niche market is profitable and that the Renter has no financial exposure. But, if the Renter provides the assets to pursue that niche market, you will reap the benefits and start to become financially free. You will receive 60% of the revenue received.

Option two (2) … RVs … give their time

The Center gives a “RV rental option” for full RV hook up for $100/month plus 15 hours per week person over the age of 16, to develop new products and niche markets. They are giving their time to explore new niche markets and products.

The RV people have the opportunity to earn the 20% for handling the assets for the niche market, or they can step up to 60% if they want to start acquiring the assets. If they make the 20%, they still have a 15 hours per week requirement.


To be Sustainable, it is not just enough to have food, water, energy, and shelter; you need money.  We can’t get entirely away from needing some “gold.”

People who try to live “Off the Grid” or “Living Off the Land” or a “Homesteader” still must buy things.

Even the pioneers of old had to get supplies from the trading post!

Regardless to be Financially Free either you must:

You must have multi passive income sources.


 Someone must hold down a day job … Sell your time.

You will need money to buy the things you can’t produce: such as gasoline.


One percent of the world’s people own 90% or more of the “gold” than the rest.

If you took all the “gold” and distributed it evenly over time, the people who initially had the “gold” would have it again, not considering inheritance.

Education is not the answer.  Of the top 12 wealthiest people, not considering inheritance, only one graduated from college.   The rest were college dropouts. There is no direct relationship between high IQ and success. IQ is not wisdom. Wisdom comes from looking at the structure and acting accordingly. Click on the video below and listen to what Jordan Peterson talks about wealth and how it is distributed.

You can live the lifestyle you desire without relying on anyone else for money.

This is my story of how I become Financially Free

In 2022, I celebrated my 84th birthday. The following events are from my personal experiences. I have lived them. I have an average IQ of 103, a C student in high school and college, and dyslexia. I have a brother, seven years younger.

I have found three areas of my life that I could not control and caused me uncontrollably suffering: Wealth, Health, and Relationships. In this section, I will focus on the suffering of Wealth.

I was fortunate in that my parents were raised during the depression and only graduated from the 8th grade. They or I did not inherit any wealth and was not given any money. My parents encouraged and supported me and gave me good guidance on becoming financially free.

BUT … If you keep doing what you’ve been doing, you keep getting what you’ve been getting.

It does not mean I am wealthy. NO!  It means I have all the food, energy, water, health, community, and finances I need to have a Sustainable Quality Lifestyle.

The following is an example of how we are making the Sustainable Living Center financially free.

Find a niche market with a particular audience

Niche marketing is a strategy that targets a section or subset of an entire market. Rather than marketing to anyone and everyone an offering might appeal to, it hones in on a particular group of potential customers most likely to benefit from it. No one will ever become wealthy from a niche market, but the niche market cannot be taken away from you by someone with lots of “gold.”

In 2006 my wife and I founded the Sustainable Living Center of Oregon and purchased property on the banks of the Siletz river. We needed to find a niche market or two to make the Center sustainable.

First, find a niche market …. Rent Crab Traps.

We had determined that the visitors to the Oregon coast wanted the experience of catching and eating fresh Dungeness crab. Only one place renting crab traps was a tackle shop in Newport, Oregon.

Find the people …… We had an Intern who wanted to become Financially Free and was given a “low-cost rent option” and wanted us to show him how to do it. We made a $106 investment and bought six (6) Crab Traps to demonstrate how to do it. We would rent three (3) traps for $50/24 hours.

The young Intern who wanted to become Financially Free did not wish to work in such a small market. After two weeks, he gave up and moved back to California. We were stuck with the Crab Traps and started our Crab Trap rental business.

Second Part …. Define the Process ….. have the staying power TO STAY in the niche market to find out what the customer needs and what they will pay.

We find that people who own and rent their housing units to Oregon Coast visitors do not like their renters cooking and cleaning Crabs in their Unit. So, we purchased a used outdoor Crab Cooker for $30 and started cooking Crabs for $2.50/crab.

As we made money, we bought more Crabs Traps and Cookers. In three years, we have thirty (30) Crabs Traps and Two (2) Cookers. All on a $106 investment. Some days in the summer, we rent all our Traps and sometimes have a line waiting for Crabs to be Cooked.

It is a seasonal business, but everything is paid for; now, it is all Profit. The secret is not enough profit for a large Corporation to come and take the market from us. The second niche market we chose will illustrate the truth at this point.

Why select a niche market … Renting Kayaks

The property we purchased had a boat ramp directly across the river from the Siletz Federal Oregon Wildlife Refuge. We bought used Kayaks and did the same process as with the Crab Traps by renting Kayaks to paddle through the Wildlife Refuge.

Our single kayaks rent for $50/4hours, and tandem kayaks rent for $90/4 hours. We now have 5 tandems and 9 singles, and sometimes we run out of Kayaks to rent.

An exclusive and expensive resort decided to rent Kayaks and compete with us. They were one mile up the road. They purchased 12 NEW singles kayaks and 12 NEW tandems Kayaks, rented a storefront at the local strip mall, and bought a 10-person van and kayak trailer to haul the Kayaks to where ever the customer wanted to go Kayaking. Hired several hourly people to run the storefront and drive the van.

In one year, they were out of business. There was not enough money generated to cover their overhead. Notice we said, “they bought new.”

How could we make money, and they lose money?

We purchased USED assets “gold” and ran the business ourselves.

As the business grew, we gave a couple a place to stay with the “RV option” and a percentage of money generated. We only pay for performance, not for their time. We offer 20% to the person who rents the Traps and Kayaks and 100% of the Crab Cooking, but we “know” and they “know how much money they will make before they elect to purchase assets.”

They do not complain about his compensation; we want it to be increased for them.

For half the year, the rental season is excellent. You do the math and figure out the income. These two businesses make enough money to sustain the Sustainable Living Center of Oregon financially.

It makes no difference if you are an “off the grid” organization or a single person; the rules are the same.

Cut your start-up cost by purchasing USED, not NEW.

We still check the Craigslist Free Ads for Assets. We purchase from for more Assets. We check moving ads, garage sell, and back taxes sales. The property we purchased on the Siletz River was bought at a foreclosure sale held by a bank. If you buy your Assets at low enough price, you can afford the luxury of failing and not going broke.

Rule 3 … Do not pursue your passion but your strengths.

Our passions, which tend to be more on the creative side, can’t always pay the bills — our strengths do.  For example, I have never gone Crabbing or been Kayaking, EVER. I do not have to like crabbing or kayaking to make money.

While combining your hobby with a high-paying, marketable career is possible, it’s less common than you think.

Rules 4 … How to Aquire “gold.”

Stop any Addictions

At the age of 12 in 1950, my parents took me aside and showed me the $500 they would give me IF I reached 21 and did not drink, smoke, or do drugs. They did not do it for religious reasons, just did not want me to develop bad habits. I reached 21 and received my $500. I never tasted alcohol until I lived in Paris at the age of 24 and found the wine cost less than Coke.

It cost me $1000 for each of my two children, and my son just paid $2000 to my oldest grandchild with the same offer.

It is money well spent. We have no Drugs or Alcohol problems in the family.

Many people go to the bar with coworkers. Each trip, they spend $40 to $60 for the privilege of drinking. Over a month, their bar habit can drain their wallet of $200 to $400.

 We consider you an alcoholic if you drink between 8 am and Dark. Therefore, we will not let you be part of the Sustainable Living Center if we believe you an alcoholic.

Drugs are legal in Oregon, but if you use drugs, we will not let you be part of the Sustainable Living Center. To understand why to CLICK HERE.

We have had our brains scanned. We are two of the 200,000 scanned, and our brains are healthy.

CLICK HERE to see the video about drugs and your brain.

Keep your alcohol and expensive latte spending in check. It’s okay to go out occasionally, but if it becomes a habit, you’re reducing the quality of your future self by spending more money than you should.  Save it and purchase Assets as your “gold.”

Eliminate losers from your life.

If you only hang out with people who like to drink at bars and spend money, you will most likely follow those same money-draining habits. 

I upgraded my life by upgrading my friends. I joined a college fraternity and always was the designated driver. I was even elected president of my fraternity. I associated with the top performers at work. I spent extra time with more successful people. My mission was to build a relationship with them. Their habits rubbed off on me. They motivated me.

 Use your working hours wisely.

You will have to sell your time to generate the money to purchase the Assets you need. However, your full-time job may also offer educational and training opportunities to help boost your marketable skills like computer programming, accounting, and time management. These skills can be used to get promotions and raises throughout your career. 

I spent my extra working hours studying computer simulation software and attending any class the company would send me. As a result, there was a need for a computer simulation expert to join the Air France Air Line Reservation design group, and I spent the next two years working in Paris, France.

I began making better money decisions. I worked overtime regularly and asked for raises and promotions — just like the high-performers did. It worked. 

Learned from successful people.

Throughout my career, I worked with many successful people. But, instead of being jealous of them, I took notes.

I’ll never forget working for the owner of the largest indoor mall in Denver. Even though he was a millionaire, he didn’t wear designer clothes. Look how Warren Buffet lives. What I learned from him is always make good deals. When there are no losers, the value will always work regardless of what the contract says.

The Successful person was always the first person in the office, never got wrapped up in office politics, and often volunteered for more responsibility. He didn’t come from money. Instead, he earned his wealth by investing and controlling his spending. 

When you make good deals, you can always find someone that wants it.

Avoided credit card debt.

Americans are saddled with more than $840 billion in credit card debt. In addition, interest rates are incredibly high, making credit card debt the worst of all types of debt. 

I’ve never paid a single dollar in credit card interest.

I have never had a car payment but never owned a new car.

I have not had a house payment for the last 40 years.

Why? I owe much of that to my parents. My parents went through the Depression. In those days, when a child started making money, they paid for room and board. When I started making money at the age of 12 from my paper route, my parents believed that if I saved at least half my money, I would not have to pay for room and board. I did just save half my money. I kept it all.

They taught me that debt is unacceptable, even for a month. Credit cards make it too easy for many people to spend money they don’t have. It’s a habit that can quickly get out of control. 

By the time I graduated high school, I had saved enough to buy a duplex. Which I did even though I was not old enough to sign the documents. I have enough for a down payment and half the selling price. This was in 1955, and the property was not so expensive.

I do use credit cards as a convenience. The fraud protection and implied warranties that many cards offer their customers make them worth it, but that’s because I pay off my monthly balance.

Do not try to always look good.

Just because your neighbors bought a brand new car, boat or house doesn’t mean you need to. 

The best way to ignore the Joneses is to stay focused on your goals. Find people with who you can talk about your future every day. This helped keep our goals front and center in our minds. 

We did not let other people’s spending habits affect ours. 

Stop complaining and stay away from the harmful and hateful people

An unfortunate part of doing anything significant is getting negative comments and hate speech.

People will criticize you for spending money differently. You might lose friends if you decline those weekly happy hours at your local bar. It’s not always easy, but ignoring hate is integral to building wealth. 


Click Here – to see a video of how this works. 

The technique we use to stop the damaging process is to wear a No Complaint Bracelet. The bracelet is a powerful tool to remind you when you are complaining. Here are the rules:

Place the bracelet on your left wrist every morning.
Whenever you catch yourself complaining, gossiping, or criticizing, either:
Move the bracelet to the other wrist


  • Snap yourself with the bracelet and do not move the bracelet
  • If you hear someone else wearing a bracelet complain, you may point out their need to switch the bracelet to the other wrist; BUT, if you do this, you must move your bracelet first because you are criticizing another.
  • Keep moving or snapping your bracelet until you can keep it on the left wrist for 21 consecutive days without a snap or moving it. Stay with it. It may take many months. Social Scientists say it takes 21 days to form a new habit.  Complaining is a habit.

How can I get someone else to stop complaining?

 As you begin to transform by not complaining, you will be an example of positive living, inspiring all around you. Moreover, because you’re not participating in the complaining, others will be far less likely to complain to you.

 How do I know if I’m complaining?

 We define complaining as “to express pain, grief, or discontent with someone who cannot do anything about your complaint.”

Problems can be solved.  When you talk with the person that causes you pain, you are not complaining.

A simple test is, if you can make this statement, “When you do________________ it makes me feel ______________ because _____________.”

You attract more pain, grief, and discontent when you talk and think with people who cannot solve your problem.

How can we affect positive change without complaining?

Complaining spreads negatively.  You cannot create a positive outcome with a negative.  You make positive by acting out the desires of your heart.  Getting in touch with the desires of your heart is another set of experiences described below.

Martin Luther King, Jr., when he was in Washington, DC and said:

  1. America has written them a check, which has come back as “Insufficient funds.”
  2. He shared his dream of all children living and playing in harmony and peace.

Sustainable Living Center provides a cover for people who want to become Financially Free.

Some niche markets we are looking at:

  • Small boat rentals
  • Make Crab Traps with Smell Bags
  • Rock free Crab Traps
  • Keto Retreats
  • Tomatoes Barrels
  • Greenhouse Rentals
  • Hanging Barrels Gardens
  • Earth Pizza Oven
  • No Waste Chicken Feeders
  • Chicken Domes
  • Portland Cement and Dish Soap Dome House

All we need the people with an interest in learning how to become Financially Free

A niche market can be determined by any number of defining factors.

The usual suspects are:

  • Gender, age, race, income, education, employment status
  • Interests, personality, attitudes, lifestyles, opinions, and values
  • Lifestyle primary through to luxury
  • Spending habits .wholesale,. premium, mid-range, discount

Targeting a niche market is often more effective—and certainly easier than targeting a broader audience.

Marketing to a niche also heightens your brand’s visibility. Think about it this way: Would you rather be a small fish in a big pond or a big fish in a small pond?

Niche marketing aims to build a concentrated but not necessarily ‘small’ customer base fiercely loyal to a brand. It does this by serving its specific customers’ unique needs and speaking their ‘language,’ which can be established through brand identity, aesthetics, and tone.

It’s essential to not just sell to a niche market but to also celebrate and engage with it.

Simply put, if the purpose of marketing is to create relationships, then the purpose of niche marketing is to make serious, long-term relationships.

It’s a good way for a new business to enter the market and get traction from day one.

You can position yourself or your brand as an expert and authority in your niche.

Your business will (generally) have less competition, especially if you find and cater to a gap in a market that is underserved.

You’ll find brands nailing niche marketing in the nooks and crannies of every industry.

Financially Free Laboratory (You live it)

Option to participate in financially free laboratory projects• The economically free project aims to teach you the process.  It is not a get-rich scheme.  We are not selling anything. Instead, the laboratory is to demonstrate what it takes to take advantage of an opportunity when you experience one.

Financially Free means you can live your desired lifestyle without having to Sell Your Time.

The mission of the Sustainable Living Center is to help our community have a sustainable lifestyle regardless of what happens, such as the predicted: 9.0 earthquake & tsunami.  But the global debt, weather patterns, factory farming, EMP, cost of oil, war, inflation, or a total financial collapse could cause a need to be Financially Free.

At the Sustainable Living Center, we value education.  We host free workshops on food, water, energy, shelter, health, community building, and becoming financially free.

With education being a significant component of our work at the Center, we overexpose a person more than the typical physical Sustainable Living experiences. What will bring them how to form a sustainable community?

You must have Multi Streams of Passive Income to become Financially Free.

According to statistics, nine (9) out of every ten (10) entrepreneurs fail.

Only 3% of all online businesses actually make ANY money.


As you go through our program, you’ll see that there is more than one path for you: “Effortless, Energize, and Enjoyable.”

That is the correct path for you.

Successful people have achieved financial freedom by following their natural strengths. This is to say, they found the way that suited their nature, not their passion!

Could you imagine Richard Branson as a footballer or Bill Gates as a fishmonger?

No, they discovered the natural path.  They were born with it and capitalized on it. They followed a way that is their strongest, their course offered the least resistance, and they excelled at it.

Wouldn’t you like to find your path, benefit from your natural strengths, and excel?

If you took all the “gold” and distributed it evenly over time, the people who originally had the “gold” would have it again, not considering inheritance.

Phase One (1) of the Financially Free Program – TAGs

People who have achieved financial freedom follow their natural path.   This is to say, and they found the natural way suited their TAGs (Talents, Attributes, and Gifts).   Their financial freedom is based on their strengths, not their weakness.

The people who love you the most – your family and friend, will focus and tell you about your weakness and not focus on your strengths.  Click Here to see a video of what a Gallup survey found. 

In Phase 1, you will learn what Talents, Attributes, and Gifts (TAGs) you have.  You can pay $49.99 and Click Here and take the test online or attend Phase I and save money.

Thirty-four (34) TAGs as defined by the Gallup Poll organization


The Gallup Poll organization researched 198,000 employees in almost 8000 business units.

Employees who strongly agreed that they had a chance to do what they do best every day claimed fewer sick days, filed fewer workers’ compensation claims, and had fewer accidents while on the job.

According to Gallup, “Somebody in a low-grade job, such as a janitor, is nearly four times as likely to have a heart attack as the executive, even if, the executive is fat, hypertensive or a smoker, then, the janitor who is thin, non-smoking, and has low blood pressure.”  This means that a person’s health is closely linked to how much prestige is accorded their role.  In other words –Your heart is at the mercy of your payslip!

If you want better health, longer life, better relationships, and financial freedom – understand and use your TAGs. An individual does not have to be wealthy to have a sense of control and self-confidence. Wealth and poverty are a state of mind. If you do not understand how to use your TAGs, you will never have a sense of control over your life.

You must first understand which of the TAGs are yours. You were born with them, and depending on how you were mentored (parents,  life experience, your choices, and teachers) depends if they were developed into

Education is not the answer.

Of the top 12 wealthiest people not considering inheritance, only two graduated from college.   The rest were college dropouts.

Phase two (2) Financially Free – Your DNA way of Working.

You may not believe that you have a DNA way of working, but you do.  To prove it, you can take our test online at no cost. In addition, we will give you preliminary feedback on your work without even interviewing you.  During Phase 1, you will receive more detailed testing of your DNA working.

Nine (9) DNA ways of working


You were born with a DNA way of working.  We know there is a DNA way of working by looking at identical twins separated at birth. For example, Jim Lewis and Jim Springer were identical twins raised apart from the age of 4 weeks. When the twins were finally reunited at the age of 39 in 1979, they discovered they both suffered from tension headaches, were prone to nail-biting, smoked Salem cigarettes, drove the same type of car, and even vacationed at the same beach in Florida.

The culprit for the odd similarities? …….  Genes.

One psychologist explains that genes can help explain why someone is religious or not, brainy or not, and even whether they’re likely to develop gum disease.

Such broad-ranging genetic effects first came to light in a landmark study — Minnesota Twin Family Study — conducted from 1979 to 1999, which followed identical and fraternal twins who were separated at an early age. “We were surprised by certain behaviors that showed a genetic influence, such as religiosity and social attitudes,” said Nancy Segal, an evolutionary psychologist at California State University, Fullerton, who was part of the study for nine years. “Those surprised us because we thought those certainly must come from the family environment,”

Born together, raised apart.

Researchers at the University of Minnesota, led by Thomas Bouchard, launched the landmark study in 1979. Over 20 years, they studied 137 pairs of twins — 81 pairs of identical twins (twins who developed from one egg that split in two) and 56 pairs of fraternal twins (twins who developed from two eggs fertilized by two different sperm).

The Jim twins were probably the most famous set of twins involved in the study, but other pairs were equally fascinating. For example, one pair of female twins in the study were separated at five months old and weren’t reunited until age 78, making them the world’s longest separated couple in Guinness World Records.

The Minnesota study resulted in more than 170 individual studies focusing on different medical and psychological characteristics. For example, in one study, the researchers took photographs of the twins and found that identical twins would stand the same way while fraternal twins had different postures.

Another study of four pairs of twins found that genetics had a more substantial influence on sexual orientation in male twins than in female twins. Segal said that a recent study in Sweden of 4,000 pairs of twins had replicated these findings.

Nature vs. nurture

A 1986 study of the more extensive Minnesota study found that genetics plays a more significant role in personality than previously thought. In addition, the study suggested that environment affected personality when twins were raised apart, but not when they were raised together.

Reporter Daniel Goleman wrote in The New York Times that genetic makeup was more influential on personality than child-rearing.

“We never said family environment didn’t matter,” Segal said. “We just made the point that the environment works in ways we hadn’t expected.”

Another study, commissioned by the editor of the journal Science, looked at genetics and IQ. The Minnesota researchers found that about 70 percent of IQ variation across the twin population was due to genetic differences among people, and 30 percent was due to environmental differences.   Moreover, a study in 1990 found that genetics account for 50 percent of the religiosity among the population — in other words, identical twins raised apart were more likely to be religious or not religious than unrelated individuals.

Other studies found a strong genetic influence on dental or gum health. That research helped to show that gum disease isn’t just caused by bacteria; it also has a genetic component, Segal said.

Another study found that happiness and well-being had a 50 percent genetic influence.


In another study, researchers surveyed the separated twins about how close they felt to their newfound sibling.

Among identical twins, 80 percent of those surveyed reported feeling closer and more familiar with their twin than their best friends, suggesting a vital genetic component in the bond How between identical twins.

Click Here – If you want to see a video of twins raised apart and how they are similar.

Once you find your path, you will find that you are probably missing some pieces to become Financially Free. However, you have two options to overcome these missing parts.

Education is not the answer. 

Of the top 12 wealthiest people, not considering inheritance, only one graduated from college.   The rest were college dropouts.

Phase three (3) – Increase EQ (emotional intelligence)


Should a set of identical twins with the same genes, raised in the same household, both be happy?

No, because they have free choice.

Click Here – to see a video of this being demonstrated. 

Interestingly, some people with an IQ of 150 are not doing very well in “life.” They are not getting promotions, cannot get along with people, and are abrasive and annoying.

Yet other people with lower IQs were soaring ahead.

 Why the difference?

 The difference is the Emotional Quotient (EQ)

The emotional quotient (EQ) measures your capability, capacity, or ability to manage your emotions. Like Intelligence Quotient (IQ), Emotional Quotient (EQ) is an abstract term usually identified by testing.

EQ was used first by E. L. Thorndike at Columbia University in 1920. He wanted to use it to understand and manage other people’s emotions. However, psychologists like John Mayer, Ph.D., a University of New Hampshire psychologist, differentiate EQ from emotional knowledge. He believes EQ tests can measure your cognitive abilities like the classic IQ tests.

Psychologists like Howard Gardner, Professor of Cognition and Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, believe that traditional types of intelligence have failed to explain the phenomenon of your cognitive abilities fully. Daniel Goldman, who popularized “EQ” in 1995 with his best-selling book, “Emotional Intelligence,” knew there is something more than IQ needed for success in life.

Can EQ be tested?

Different explanations and writings prove that EQ tests measure your cognitive process.

It tests how do you integrate thoughts and feelings to make critical decisions.

What cognitive abilities do you have?

What combination of understandable abilities and characteristics do you show?

Can IQ be increased?   No

Can EQ be improved?  Yes

 Your EQ determines the QUALITY of your life. For example, Daniel Goleman, in his best-selling book “Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ” states that:

He found that people with high EQs are more successful than those with lower EQs, even if their IQs are the same.

As you better manage your EQ, the quality of your life will increase. You’ll have the friends you want, the money you want, and the job you want. You’ll be accepted.

Success is 20% IQ and 80% EQ

What makes Phase I Work – Focus on Happiness


One must learn to focus on what brings you joy.   Check Here to see a video of how this works.

This experience starts with completing a check that would bring you happiness.

It starts when you receive a Money-Email from the Bank of the UnEnding Abundance.

Each Money-Email will detail how much “virtual” money has been deposited into your “virtual” bank account.

Of course, this will not be “real” money, but think about it as real money, and get as excited as if you were receiving REAL money!!   If you cannot do it with “virtual” money, you will never do it with real money.

To raise your EQ, you must master the Law of Attraction. Over the weeks, you will receive significant amounts of “virtual” money.  The first email is for $1000, but they will be ever increasing.

Make it easy on yourself by preparing a list of things you would buy if money were no object.

Don’t put limits on your choices; think BIG.  Attracting what you desire into your life comes from getting clear on what you “really” want and FEEL a passion or inspiration of how you will enjoy that thing in your life.  What brings you joy!!

Understand that the more you desire something and know it can be yours and feel the feeling, the faster you allow it to be attracted into your life.

Writing the check helps you focus on not only the money coming in but the money going out – the continual flow of abundance you are tapping into.

You must spend at least 20 seconds thinking about your heart’s desires as you write a check for the item.

Spend at least 20 seconds

You are wasting your time if you do not spend at least 20 seconds on how you think and feel about each purchase.

The objective is to “spend” the money before the next money comes to buy whatever your heart desires.  The money comes every 2-4 days.

But whatever brings you happiness.  Use your money in whatever way brings joy to your heart.   Beyond your heart’s desires, happiness and joy, there are no guidelines.

As well as having a lot of fun spending this money, you will also attract more money in the REAL world.

To receive maximum benefit, try to spend something each and every day.  The goal is for the money to be spent by the time the next cash arrives.

You have to spend the money.

Do not let it sit in a bank doing nothing – spend it!  You are changing your prosperity consciousness forever!

Be open to receiving more.

It is about ACCEPTING more and knowing you DESERVE more.  It is about RELEASING and letting that money flow out again. So please spend time on yourself during the game – and of course, ENJOY!

You can Increase your EQ.


Does EQ (emotional intelligence) really matter?  Your emotional intelligence is your key to Financial Freedom.

The research shows that 90% of top performers also have high emotional intelligence. On the flip side, just 20% of bottom performers have high emotional intelligence. Of course, you can be a top performer without emotional intelligence, but the chances are slim.

The research shows that people with a high degree of emotional intelligence make more money—an average of $29,000 more per year than people with a low degree of emotional intelligence. The link between emotional intelligence and earnings is so direct that every point increase in emotional intelligence adds $1,300 to an annual salary. These findings hold for people in all industries, at all levels, in every region of the world. We haven’t yet been able to find a job in which performance and pay aren’t tied closely to emotional intelligence.

 EQ (Emotional Intelligence) Can Be Developed

The communication between your emotional and rational “brains” is the physical source of emotional intelligence. The pathway for emotional intelligence starts in the brain, at the spinal cord. Your primary senses enter here and must travel to the front of your brain before you can reason about your experience—however, the first travel through the limbic system, where emotions are generated. So, we react emotionally to events before our rational mind can engage. Therefore, emotional intelligence requires effective communication between the rational and emotional centers of the brain.

Emotional intelligence is a balance between the rational and emotional brain.

“Plasticity” is the term neurologists use to describe the brain’s ability to change. Your brain grows new connections as you learn new skills. The change is gradual, as your brain cells develop new relationships to speed the efficiency of new skills acquired.

Using strategies to increase your emotional intelligence allows the billions of microscopic neurons lining the road between your brain’s rational and emotional center to branch off small “arms” (much like a tree) to reach out to the other cells. A single cell can grow 15,000 connections with its neighbors. This chain reaction of growth ensures it’s easier to kick this new behavior into action in the future. Once you train your brain by repeatedly using new emotional intelligence strategies, emotionally intelligent behaviors become habits.

Integrating a balance between the rational and emotional brain is not an overnight process. The research shows that people in a six-month process for new managers worldwide, the FedEx Express team at their Global Learning Institute is building the skills and expertise for people-first leadership and had the following results:

The program is yielding an 8-11% increase in leadership competencies, with over half the participants experiencing substantial (10-50%) improvements in specific critical emotional intelligence skills and leadership outcomes:  72% of the program participants experience significant increases in decision making; 60% in Quality of Life, and 58% showed significant improvements in Influence.

During Phase two (2), you will be allowed to use the tools from Phase one (10).

Mentors  Carl & Coralee Palmer

Carl Palmer, BSEE – Purdue – 1960, MBA U of Calif San Jose – 1964.  My master thesis surveyed 22 Silicon Valley Companies for “How Silicon Valley Companies bring new products to the marketplace.”    Ten (10) years – Sperry/Univac New product development.  Forty (40) years as President and founder of the following companies.  These were all done with no “Angel” financing and became Financially Free.

  1. Data Entry Keypunch Service
  2. Computer Service Bureau
  3. Computer Trade School
  4. Rent to Own – Computers
  5. Bookkeeping Service
  6. Real Estate Company
  7. Used Car Business
  8. Nationwide Tax Preparation Franchise

Carl and his wife Coralee Palmer founded the Sustainable Living Center of Oregon six (6) years ago to promote sustainability in food, energy, water, health, community, finance, and relationships.  Coralee was the president and founder of a Worldwide Archeologically and Scuba Travel Agency.  She still runs an online tax preparation business from Depoe Bay, Oregon.

You can learn from a Mentor or by Pain – it is your choice

Space is minimal; please register …..  meet at  82 Siletz Hwy  @  Sustainable Living Center, Siletz Rental Center, Lincoln City, OR 97367

Reservation Office Hours …. 12 am – 10 pm …. Everyday … 541-765-2109 

  • Lincoln City, OR   97267
  • 541-765-2109


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