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Lincoln City …. Siletz Bay …..Taft Dock … Historic Taft … Crab Trap Free Usage

FREE Kid’s Crab Trap Special

Crab Traps Rental …. Pickup/Drop off Hours 5 am – 9 pm if reservation made by office

Office hours noon – 9 PM … 541-765-2109 or CLICK HERE for online Reservation

  • One (1) Crab Max Trap, 5 gal Bucket, and Crab Gauge furnished at no charge for 24 hours when you have a child over 8 and under 12 years old …. Only restriction – One per family

One (1) Crab License is required for every 3 traps if you are 12 or older

Oregon Crab License = $10 ……………….. Out of State Crab License = $19

  • Rent Additional SuperMax© Crab Traps can be provided at $20/Trap or $40/Three (3) Traps
  • Purchase @$35/trap or $100 for Three (3) Traps plus 5 gal Bucket, and Crab Gauge
  • CLICK HERE to Reserve Crab Traps
    You must provide bait …. Chicken is Good
  • Valid credit card info to be used if Crab Trap not returned
  • 3 location to choice from… Lincoln City (Historic Taft) (see below)


  • Crabs live in the ocean with new Crabs introduced into the Bay’s at High Tide.

Therefore …. to insure the best Oregon Crabbing experience start crabbing at high tide. CLICK HERE for high tide table.

CLICK HERE to make a no deposit Crab Traps Reservation

Crab Traps can be use from Docks, Boats, Crab-Cats, or Shore. Different types of Crab Traps are used at the different locations such as Newport, Depoe Bay, Taft Dock, or Lincoln City’s Siletz Bay. The location can determine what type of Trap to use.

  • Crabs live in the ocean with new Crabs introduced into the Siletz Bay at High Tide.
  • To insure the best time to catch crab in at Slack Tide, which is the time right after the high tide.

CLICK HERE to find the next high tide in Siletz Bay (Lincoln City)

We rent three (3) different types of Crab Traps with a no deposit online reservation Click Here for reservation

Questions … ask an expert … 541-765-2109 hours – noon – 9PM

Crabbing on the shore of Siletz Bay

SSuperMax© Crab Trap consists of two metal netted 18″ triangular sides. When lying flat, it takes the shape of a square 18″ X 18″. It is the only Crab Trap that can be used from the shore. Since is the smallest of the traps, it is excellent for children to use from a dock. It can also be used from a kayak, Crab-Cat or boat with limited space.

When pulled, the two sides lift up, creating walls and pushing all the crabs to the center.

The Crab max is made locally in Lincoln City, Oregon and can be purchased for $35, The SuperMax Crab Trap has a added Bait Bag (see below) and a added Buoy in order to be use with a kayak.

Crap Super Max with Crap

Folding crab traps are a recent innovation that is changing the face of crabbing from the bank or the shore in Siletz Bay.


Any bait will works. A lot of people use chicken. Fish guts are a good one. Things that are natural to crabs seem to do better. This includes using fish carcasses, squid, clams and the like. Using these natural baits also have a downside in that seals seem to love them as much as the crab does.the Super Max Crab Trap uses a bait bag will often keep the seals at bay. It will also help to keep the crab on your bait longer.

Supermax Crab Bait Bag

If a crab pulls off a nice piece of your bait, more than likely it’ll crawl off and eat it. So something to stop them from tearing off chunks will improve your odds when using the SuperMax© Crab Max Trap.

The bait bag is the key. For starters, this eliminates tying bait to the bottom of the trap, which never seemed to work very well anyway. This is especially nice if you are dealing with some rancid bait like fish parts. Just toss them in and clip it shut.

Bait bags prevent the crabs from completely devouring the bait all at once. They are open enough to allow for little bites here and there to keep the crabs happy but closed enough to keep your bait working all day long. It is more effective to stand the bait bags upright, as this maximizes floor space.

Gloves prevent jellyfish stings from tentacles wrapped around your rope, along with alleviating some of the pain that comes with handling crabs.

Sorting Crabs
Quickly sort through the crabs, being careful to not break crab legs or get your fingers pinched. An experienced crab handler will sort crabs by keeping them at ease. They want to get out, but they don’t want to be forcefully grabbed. A quick shake of the pot is often more effective than reaching directly for them.

Be sure to carefully and quickly release crab, do not throw them from heights as this will often crack their carapace and kill them.


Crabs may be taken using crab rings, pots or baited line (limited to 3 rings, pots or lines per licenses) by hand; dip net; or rake. Pots may be left overnight.
Bays, estuaries, beaches, tide pools, piers, and jetties are open all year. The ocean is closed for Dungeness crab October 16 through November 30.
No more than 1 daily catch limit per day may be taken per person. No more than 2 daily catch limits per person may be in possession.
The minimum size for Dungeness crab is 5 ¾ inches. Size is measured in a straight line across the back immediately in front of, but NOT including the widest points.

Undersized male, female and unwanted red rock crab must be immediately released unharmed.
Crabs may not be mutilated so that sex, size, or species cannot be determined prior to landing. Mutilated crabs may not be transported across state waters.
No holding pots, holding devices, or live boxes are allowed in the ocean. Holding pots, holding devices or live boxes in bays and estuaries cannot retain more than 24 Dungeness and 48 red rock crab per container.

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