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Crab Bait for Sale

Scent: The Key To Successful Crabbing! …

dean1Anything smelly! Though crabs can’t smell (as we think about it) they are scavengers by nature and detect their food by “smelling” microscopic particles in the water. So something really stinky and rotten will generate more “smell” thus attracting more crabs!


Many different types of meat are used for crab baits: turkey, chicken, mink, fish carcass, shad, herring, clams, etc…   We have found the best bait is fish carcasses.  All our bait is frozen for easy handling.

We sell four Frozen Crab Bait Packages

  •  $ 4 … Fish Carcasses
  •  $ 7 … Fish Carcasses with Crab Attractant
  •  $ 5 … Bait Bag Only
  •  $ 8 … Fish Carcasses in a Bait Bag
  • $ 11 … Fish Carcasses in a Bait Bag with Crab Attractant

All these packages are available self-service 24/7 at 6347 S Hwy 101.  Across from Street Car Village next to ProBuilders.

There are many ways to secure your crab bait. As long as the bait stays in the gear when crabbing and the crabs can get to it, most methods will work.

Keep in mind that seals and sea lions will eat any attractive bait that they can get — including bait laying out on a crab ring. You can avoid this problem by using a bait bag, using bait that they don’t eat (e.g. turkey legs) and avoiding areas where they are prevalent.

Bait Bag

baitbagOur Bait Bags will allow the bait to be used up in any crabbing gear up to four (4) hours.

Although any bait will work in a bait bag. A lot of people use chicken where seals are around.

When no seals are around, Fish Carcasses are the best one.  Things that are natural to crabs seem to do better.  Using a bait bag will keep the seals at bay. It will also help to keep the crab on your bait longer.

If a crab pulls off a nice piece of your bait, more than likely it’ll crawl off and eat it. So something to stop them from tearing off chunks will improve your odds.

The bait bag is the key. For starters, this eliminates tying bait to the bottom of the trap, which never seemed to work very well anyway. This is especially nice if you are dealing with some rancid bait like fish parts. Just toss them in and clip it shut.

Bait bags prevent the crabs from completely devouring the bait all at once. They are open enough to allow for little bites here and there to keep the crabs happy but closed enough to keep your bait working all day long.  It is more effective to stand the bait bags upright, as this maximizes floor space.

Crab Attractant Bait

Establishing a long-lasting scent trail quickly and dependable is a key to success. The bait’s natural lipids, also known as “fats” or “oils” is the most significant element of forming a scent trail as water cannot mix with any type of oil. This resistance to mixing -and therefore diluting- makes oily baits the most desirable and effective for most if not all types of fishing.

dead catchNext time you watch The Discovery Channel’s “Deadliest Catch”, take a close look at what bait they use. They use “a Broadcast Component” and “a Hanging Component” method.

Broadcast Component … ground, frozen herring which quickly spreads a scent.

Hanging” Component … whole fish which gives the crab something to eat.

The Broadcast Component rings the dinner bell the crabs making your gear easier for the crabs to find. The Hanging” Component keeps the crab in your pots or traps longer. Make no mistake, when there is no bait or scent, crabs will find a way out of most rings, pots or traps!

We marinate our Fresh Crab Bait with a blend of potent fish oils, salmon egg oil, amino acids and a touch of anise for a period of 48 hours.  This marination process has been extremely effective in increasing Crab catching.

The Crab Attractant absorbs into the fresh bait producing a very effective, long-lasting scent trail that will keep bringing crabs to your gear long after other’s baits have washed out!

When you consider the time and cost of simply running your boat out to the crab grounds, the cost of bait is small potatoes and the wrong place to try and save a buck.

Try our Marinate Crab Attractant spiked bait mixture on your next crabbing trip.

Packages are available self-service 24/7 at 6347 S Hwy 101.  Across from Street Car Village next to ProBuilders.  Office hours 10am – 9pm







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