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Picnic by the Ocean with your crabs …. and the location is FREE

CaptureTo make an Oregon Memory … Have a Picnic by the Ocean with your cooked crabs

  1. Come to 82 Siletz Highway and launch your Cataraman
  2. Go to the bay and drop crab traps … ready for “slack tide”
  3. Motor through Siletz National Wildlife Refuge
  4. Pull your crab’s traps & count your crabs
  5. Return to  launch site
  6. Go to Thrifyway Market to get everything for a crab picnic
  7. Go to Gleneden Beach state park for your crab picnic.

If you would like to have a picnic  go to milepost 122, south of the Salishan Resort, there sits a little-known gem of a state park – Gleneden Beach State Park.

thrifywayYou can pick up the rest of your picnic at Thrifyway @ 3950 N Hwy 101, which is about 3 miles south of Gleneden Beach State Park.

park shelter1A large parking lot allows for plenty of beachgoers during the summer, but during the other seasons, you’ll find yourself largely alone at the park.  Picnic tables, a small lawn area, and a picnic shelter for groups are also the highlight on this area above the beach.

Tpark rest room1here are restrooms aplenty as well.

One of the treats here is a sort of defacto lookout point at the end of the road next to the parking lot. The end of the road and the cliff here have started to fall apart, but you can still hang out here just beyond the barriers and look down on the surf. This is particularly satisfying at night when you can stop at the edge and shine your headlights down there, and then sit back and take in the nocturnal surf show.

park beach walk1Descend down a fairly short path, through a thickly forested stretch, and you’ll find the opening to this magnificent and rather unique beach. It’s all sand here – and comprised of course, large sand granules as well. Yellow sandstone cliffs in one state of crumbling or another also add to the atmosphere.

Things get interesting on this strand because of the steep tide line here, which causes the waves to come in rather hard and heavy, but then dissipate quickly. It’s even a little alarming at first, as it makes quite a raucous with big waves, then suddenly it becomes timid at your feet because of the rapid rise of the beach.

Cooking – If you want to cook and clean crabs yourself, read the following.

The most widely accepted method of cooking crab is in salt water. Ensure the pot is sufficient in size to allow plenty of space to cook the crab; don’t squeeze them into a small pot or inadequate amount of water. Add salt to the water and bring the pot to a rolling boil on the stove or campfire.

Depending on the size of your crab pot, drop the live crab into the boiling water, one at a time. This is the most humane method to kill your catch (death is instantaneous), and the safest for human consumption (no potential toxins are released into the crab meat). Allow sufficient room for each crab to boil freely. If the pot is overcrowded, the water will cool resulting in cooking conditions that are less than ideal.

Cook the crab for about approximately 10 minutes, starting the elapsed time after the water has returned to a full boil. Overcooking will yield crabmeat that is dry and stringy. Once cooked, the crab shell will turn pink. Remove the cooked crab from the water and let cool before cleaning.


Cleaning the crab is easy, once you have the know-how. Snap off the outer shell; place your fingers under one edge and give it a tug. It takes neither great coordination nor Herculean strength. Remove the gills and the yellowish organs with your fingers under running water. If you let the water do all of the work, some of the delightful flavors will be lost. Just dig in and do it! A gentle rinse with water is a good idea.

Crab meat is extremely perishable. The crab should be kept alive until it is cooked, cleaned immediately after cooking, and kept on ice until ready for eating. Plan your crab feast typically within 24 hours of your catch. If you would like to eat your crab hot, simply place the cleaned crab into boiling, salted water for a moment or two.

Suggestion: Dungeness crab has a mild, delicate flavor. Although it would enhance practically any seafood recipe, try eating the crab just by itself cold, right out of the shell, or hot dipped into drawn butter.

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