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Float, Fish, or Drift down the Siletz River in a Canoe-Cat

Why would anyone want to catamaran their canoes?

Because as a catamaran, two canoes become much more than the sum of the parts. the catamaran feature opens new horizons and adds new dimensions to the exciting world of river fishing, floating or drifting.

two canoe6In a matter of minutes, our special canoe-cat can be convert into one catamaran. the structural integrity of this system has been proven on expeditions worldwide.

Our canoe-cat are efficient at keeping paddlers of different strengths from separating — don’t worry about leaving weaker paddlers behind in your wake. Our canoe-cats offer the best of all possible combinations: they are the most social double seaters with side-by-side paddling, and they disassemble in minutes to give canoes back the freedom and flexibility of paddling singles and can be transported easily

When crossing rough or open stretches of water, our canoe-cats offer incredible stability: the rig is virtually ‘untippable’.

two cano2A sick or injured boater can be carried more efficiently (and safely) in a our canoe-cat than by towing a boat.

Our canoe-cats are a stable platform for launching scuba dives, snorkeling, swimming, or fishing. the center platform makes a great nest for snoozing and bagging rays.


Do not want to paddle?

Our Canoe-Cat was built keeping this criteria in mind…

Less Cost than Renting a Motor Boat

Easy to transport …. lightweight and compact enough to move

Easy to assemble (fast, on-site construction with no alteration to the canoe hulls)

Our Canoe-Cat can be propelled by a quiet electric trolling motor which will make any trip more enjoyable. The electrical power is provided by two of 105 amp/hour deep cycle batteries. Lashing bars were used to attach the canoe hulls together which provided a stable platform.
The lashing bars are made of telescopic, square metal tubing. Additional metal tubing was added for extra strength, a motor mount and deck support. The source of this tubing was primarily recycled Steelcase office furniture. The tubing snaps together without tools by use of spring snap buttons from Valco.





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