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What’s the World Coming To?

Sustainable Living Free University Announces a free look at:

What’s the World Coming To?

….. by internationally known futurist Dr. Ruth L Miller

Sunday, January 21, 1:30-4:30pm …. The Siletz Moorage, off Hwy 101 at Kernville Hwy

europe2The Sustainable Living Free University believes that communities have within them the resources to solve their own problems.  That is, for any need or problem, someone in the community has an answer or a solution.  Sustainable Living Free University desires to bring these people together at no cost to anyone.

Sustainable Living Free University is supported and funded by the Sustainable Living Center.  The Center’s mission is to help Lincoln County communities have a sustainable life style, regardless of what would affect our existing life style, such as the predicted 9.0 earthquake\tsunami, global debt, weather patterns, factory farming, EMP, cost of oil, war, inflation or financial collapse.

At the Sustainable Living Center, we value research and education. We research sustainable methods and we host free workshops and classes related to food, water, energy, shelter, and community building.

What’s the World Coming To?

  • Rapid changes in technology and consciousness are driving our society through a shift unlike anything humanity has seen in thousands of years.
  • Familiar institutions are falling apart as new structures emerge to take their place.
  • What does that mean for the years ahead? What does that mean for our children – and their children?

Sunday, January 21, 1:30-4:30 pm

Presentation and Dialogue

with internationally known futurist

Dr. Ruth L Miller

The Siletz Moorage, off Hwy 101 at Kernville Hwy

About the Presenter:

ruthRuth L. Miller, Ph.D. is best described as a synthesist of all things relevant to consciousness, human capability, and culture. Currently living on the Oregon Coast, she works with academic institutions, individuals, nonprofits, churches, and small businesses to guide them through the confusion of today’s world and into the emerging culture. Dr. Miller has studied and taught many courses on new paradigms, systems thinking, and futures research. She has also taught courses on world religions, science & religion, adult learning, metaphysics, and ministry. Her books and articles focus on the relationship between mind and body, culture and consciousness, today’s world and tomorrow’s possibilities.

A Sustainable Living Free University Event …. Seating in Limited RSVP ….. 541-765-2109  ……..



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