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Crab Trapper Trap is available now … Meet the three (3) new family members

Meet the Crab Trapper Family …. Email to configure your traps, shipping options, and quote

We have purchased the Crab Max and the Crab Daddy traps and has been renting them for six (6) years. There are very good traps that do very well in the rental market.

Crab Max …. $40

Crab Max 2.0 … $40 with no hand line. See Hand Line and Shipping Options below

We have solved our supply problems and have Crab Max in stock with different Hand Line Options.

The Crab Max is available to be shipped immediately. Call 541-765-2109 or email for a quote.

We not only rent traps but clean and cook the Crabs. We record what our customers catch at CLICK HERE. Since our customers use these traps and communicate any of their problems with the traps. We started making minor modifications to the traps.

We have decided to start manufacturing our own Crab Trap Family called the Crab Trappers. The first in the family is the Crab Trapper Mod1, which costs $30. It is basically the Crab Max, except with a few minor modifications.

The Crab Trapper Mod1 …$40 … no hand-line … see hand-line Option below …. Email for a quote … We Ship

  • Same total Crab catching areas the Crab Max, but the shape is changed for a more “effective” catching area, and it will fit in a five gal bucket
  • New bait spike design. Easier to put the bait on the trap.
  • Hand-line is mounted on Plastic Holder which will not rot or break.
  • Heavy-duty construction requires more than 200 lbs to break any part of the Hand-Line or connections. Fewer lost traps

Hand-Line Options

Soft Hand-Line (90 ft) Option … $10.00 when ordering with a trap.

  • More robust line … Tensile* Strength of 420. This means if you get tap caught on something, you can pull harder before the line breaks … fewer lost traps.
  • Easier on the hands when not wearing gloves, but it will tangle if put into a pile. It works well if you spread it over a wide area. If you pile it in one place, it will tangle more than the Hard Line.

Hard Hand-Line (90 ft) Option … $15.00 when ordering with a trap.

  • Less robust line … Tensile* Strength of 200. This means if you get trap caught on something, you cannot pull as hard as the soft Hand-Line before the line breaks … More lost traps.
  • Rough on the hands if not wearing gloves.
  • The original Crab Max came with a Hard hand-line.

Soft Hand-Line (130 ft) Option … $15.00 when ordering with a trap.

Hard Hand-Line (130 ft) Option $20.00 when ordering with a trap.

When ordering without a corresponding trap order $5/String extra plus handling and shipping

*Tensile Strength in pounds based on conditions pulled to break

Smell Bag – Bait Bag Option

The Smell Bag Option … $5,00 comes with a sponge that can be used with Crab Attraction. To see independent opinions of Crab Attract on youtube, We use ProCure or Smelly Jelly as Crab Attraction

The Smell Bag can be used as a Bait Bag. A bait bag will attract Crabs longer because they cannot quickly get to the bait.

Usually, the Crabs will eat one (1) piece of Chicken of the spike per hour per trap.

Smell Bag Bag .. The trap lures crabs with the smell of the bait, and after 5-6 minutes the Trap are pulled in, and there are more Crabs caught than regular traps.

According to the experts, Crab finds food and appeals to their sense of smell.  Crabs rely on their sense of smell to find prey. Crabs have chemoreceptors that allow them to detect chemicals in the water that are released by their prey. These chemoreceptors are located on a crab’s antennae. These are long, segmented appendages near the Crab’s eyes that have both chemoreceptors and allow them to feel its surroundings.

Crabs don’t smell through any kind of organ-like a nose but instead use microscopic “smelling” organisms.  Therefore, anything that has a strong smell can attract a whole host of these creatures.

Crab Attractant is an oil.  The oil is quite attractive to crabs. It also contains unique amino acids that give it unparalleled versatility in going after all kinds of other species.  It is a commercial product you can buy, but it’s made of natural ingredients like anise oil, fish oil, amino acids, and salmon egg juice. Soak the provided sponge or marinate any bait with this add-on oil for about three hours before using it. To see independent opinions of Crab Attract on youtube, We use ProCure or Smelly Jelly as Crab Attraction

To see the results of Daily Oregon Coast Crabbing Reports from the shore using the Crab Trappers Mod1 …. CLICK HERE

Crabs Traps Snares

Two (2) Crab snares $5.00

Four (2) Crab snares $10.00

A crab snares are placed outside of the normal Crab Trapper. The smell in the Crab Trapper bait lures crabs, but the do not entry the trap.

After 5 -6 minutes, the crabber pulls in the trap. The snare loops will close around any claws of any crabs outside the regular trap will be snared. Any unfortunate crab outside the trap but in the snares is caught. If you’re fast enough and keep enough pressure on the line, the crab will not have to hurry away

Spring Option

Two Springs Option … $5.00 instead of one string to ensure quick opening

Big Net Option

  • $15 ….. Bigger Net to hold more Crabs
  • Weighted at the bottom of the net to keep the trap from moving with the current

Since the Crab Trappers are lightweight, an eight-year-old child or a lady can catch Crab with them. But they are affected by the currents and can be moved to where they do not catch any Crab. The Large Net is weighted on the bottom to hold the trap in place.


  • Crab Gauge … $5.00
  • We Clean and Cook @ $2.50/Crab
  • Keepers are defined as 5 -3/4 inches across the shell
  • Twelves (12) Dungeness Crabs are allowed per day

Shipping & Handling Options

Handling Fee …. $10 ,,, Packing and Delivery to Shipper for any size order

Shipping Options for 3 Traps … $ 35 …FedEx or UPS Ground with tracking number if shipped In Oregon

Shipping Options for 3 Traps … $ 20 .. Snail Mail (US postal service} if shipped In Oregon

Out side of Oregon or less than 3 traps email for quote

Limited Special three (3) traps … $135 …. Email for a quote

  • One Crab Trapper mod1 … Standard Crab Trapper with soft hand-line normally $40
  • One Crab Trapper mod2 … Standard plus two (2) Crab snares and a Smell Bag normally $50
  • One Crab Trapper mod3 … Standard plus (4) four Crab snares, a Smell Bag and Weight Big Net $70
  • All three (3) for $135 all Options are available to be added

We post the results of the day-to-day Crabbing when we are informed. We only posted the date, the first name only, city, # caught, and where caught on our private Facebook page. Join us and post your results or post them in the comments below. . CLICK HERE. …….. to Join, post, or see the current Crabbing activity on the Oregon Coast.

Videos of Crabbing

Eclipse Crabbing in yaquina Bay… with Bill Lackner…

Crabbing in Siletz Bay with a Crab Max complete video

Crabbing in Yaquina Bay 1 with Bill Lackner

Crabbing At The Port Dock In Alsea Bay

Crabbing in Yaquina 2 with Bill Lackner 

Crabbing is Hot in Yaquina Bay with Bill Lackner

Crabbing Adventure on the Siletz

Crabbing in Yaquina Bay 3Crabbing in Yaquina Bay on 09/2017 with my son Scott.

Crab Limits From Siletz Bay


CLICK HERE to see information on Crabbing in all of Oregon Bays.

  • All the information necessary to take Dungeness and red rock crabs from Oregon’s Coastal Waters.
  • Stimulates the interest of young crabbers in the complexity and diversity of the crabs common to the Pacific Northwest.
  • Evaluates the methods used to take Dungeness and red rock crabs.
  • Updated maps of Oregon’s Bays that disclose the areas of Oregon’s Bays where crabs are commonly caught.
  • Recover a higher percentage of crab meat per crab using the same method used by professional Crab Shakers.
  • Family Crab Louis recipes that your family will love. Our recipes emphasize using cooking methods that enhance the naturally sweet flavor of crab meat to its full potential.
  • Updated maps of Oregon’s Bays that disclose the areas of Oregon’s Bays where crabs are commonly caught.
  • Click HERE to order the new 116-page color edition of Oregon’s Crabs for $22.00 plus the $3.40 shipping and fee the Post Office charges for mailing.

Bait Bag

Dead fish may not seem appealing to you, but crabs love them. We said earlier that fresh is best, but dead fish is one area where you can make the exception.  Fish are pretty fragrant, to begin with, and once they start to rot, their stink will be even more noticeable. You can use any rotten fish. Often, bait shops or fish markets will give them away.  They’re cheap and readily available, too. You can use fresh or frozen fish, but the benefit of frozen fish is that it will break down more slowly than fresh fish, giving you more time between checking traps.

Some options include tuna and mackerel. When baiting with tuna, some people even punch holes in a tuna can, then lower the can into the trap before placing the trap in the water.  Fish are quite attractive to other animals, including seals. Seals will not only steal your bait, but they’ll also do their best to remove the bait from the trap, too.

Crab Baits not to use


Clams are crab favorites. These are part of a crab’s natural diet, so you shouldn’t have to do much hard work to convince the crabs to take a bite.  Plus, they are legal to use in most areas.  However, it is essential to note that clams might not be as effective if you are crabbing in an area with a large population of these creatures already.   The crabs might be bored by this additional offering.

Mink Carcasses

Mink carcasses can be tough to get your hands on in some areas, but if you can, they work as superior crab bait.  Why? They’re super stinky.   Commonly used in commercial crabbing operations in Oregon, mink is stinky, oily, and incredibly versatile. The oil will stay on your hands for a while, so you might want to wear gloves.

Any Meat or Animal Parts

If you don’t want to spend all your money purchasing meat, consider using readily available meat. Discarded organ meat from butcher shops is a good alternative.

There are other animal pieces you can use in your crab traps, too.  You can also use a roadkill. The benefit of roadkill is that it is easy to come by just about anywhere you might live.  It also gives off an incredibly powerful odor. Choose options like raccoon, squirrel, rabbit, or other animal carcasses for the best results.

Other Human Foods

You can attach old bacon, bits of cheese, hot dogs, or even some bread to your crab trap. But remember – the stinkier, the better, and oilier foods tend to work best, too. The benefit of using human foods is that they tend to be much less stinky (and therefore easier to handle) than rotting meat. Some people even use unique household items like cat food or dog food to entice crabs.

Customer Service Hours …. noon – 10pm … Everyday … 541-765-2109

1113 N Hwy 101

Depoe Bay, Oregon 97341

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